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Oct 25, 2020
I really haven’t seen much mention, if any, but Shackelford was unreal down the stretch. If he doesn’t come up big, we lose. LSU brought it. Watford, as much as I don’t like him, he brought it.

on another point, that was big time basketball yesterday. I’ve been watching Bama basketball and college basketball for a long time and yesterday, they answered the bell. I don’t remember a Bama team that could shoot this good. I remember the good times of the 80’s. I know we had good teams in the 70’s as well but I don’t remember watching it. This is the best I can remember. It was like watching the North Carolina, Duke, etc teams of the past.
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Jan 5, 2006
Shack has definitely been a player all year. He has received little to no accolades and you never hear him complain. My favorite moment from him this year is when he missed a ton of free throws in a game. After the game he stayed and shot free throws. He is a gym rat and the epitome of Oats wants in a player.

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