Schedule/Season Ticket News


All American
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Jul 29, 2014
Received the following from TP Ticket Office this morning:

In compliance with CDC and state public health guidance, seating in Coleman Coliseum will be socially-distanced resulting in a dramatically reduced seating capacity. These plans will be finalized in the coming weeks. Due to the limited capacity, we are unable to offer your same season ticket locations and order quantities as you previously had, and we will reseat all season ticketholders based on Tide Totals priority points. Please see below for more information relative to the upcoming season:

  • There will be 13 total home games, which will include four non-conference games and nine Southeastern Conference games.
  • There will be no floor seating as mandated by the Southeastern Conference
  • The club room will not be open to meet state public health guidelines
  • Masks will be required for entry and must be worn at all times while not eating or drinking
  • All game tickets and parking passes will be issued via mobile delivery to be used on your smartphone

Pretty bummed, as I have a grand total of 4 TP points. I guess driving to every home game from Huntsville for the last 4 years doesn't mean much.


All American
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Aug 1, 2011
I really don't care to sit in the top of Coleman....
Will just have to see what they give us.