Tournament Outlook 2/20

Jordan Harper

Head Basketball Analyst
Dec 28, 2011
Florence, AL
We are coming up on the final 2 weeks of the regular season and Alabama is a lock for the NCAA Tournament. Here’s a breakdown of their resume:

Alabama remains #22 in the updated NET rankings after the loss to Kentucky. They gained a Q1 win with Arkansas moving up and gained a Q1 loss in Davidson to move their record to 7-7 against Q1 opponents.

They travel to #77 Vanderbilt on Tuesday which is a borderline Q1 game.

They’re 5-1 in Q 2
They’re 5-2 in Q3 games
They haven’t played a Q4 game.
Strength of Schedule: 1

Alabama is 7-7 in the SEC with 4 games remaining and tied for 5th place. They hold tiebreakers over every team they’re competing with except USCe and they still have to play them. Getting 5th or 6th would mean they play the play-in game winner and avoid UK/AU until the champ game.

If Alabama can win the next 3, they’ll be close to a lock for a 5 seed. If they reel off 4-5 in a row they could get to a mid tier 4. Only way they get to a 3 is winning out and making the conference championship game and/or winning it

The Tournament Committee had Alabama has the top 5 seed yesterday during their top 16 reveal, barely missing the cut.

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